The Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

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We all love to travel, no doubt about it. Whether you travel locally or internationally, we always seem to struggle finding the best time to buy airline tickets. I have ever only been to Johannesburg to visit family and at the time of booking tickets, the prices aren’t really affordable. So that brings me to wonder, and I am sure everyone else wonders about this too. “When is the best time to buy airline tickets?”

I have been wanting to plan a trip to Cape Town, because I have never been. I wanted to drive, but taking two days to get there, is just too long. Flying is too expensive and I can’t seem to find the cheapest time to fly. July is one of the most expensive months to fly around this time of year and to add, Johannesburg to Cape Town is one of the busiest routes in the world. I also suggest to book your tickets 60 days prior to the date you want to leave.

Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town

It so happens that August is one of the cheapest months to travel domestically around South Africa. As this is new information to me the money saver I am, and to everyone who will be reading this post. I will be making sure that I book flights early to avoid the expensive ticket prices.

After I have been to Cape Town, the next trip I want to take is to Mauritius. I want to experience the crystal blue ocean, white sanded beaches, wander around and visit the local restaurants and indulge myself in food and the lifestyle of the Mauritian people. I have heard that theΒ best time to visit MauritiusΒ is from April through to November. The weather is amazing all year round.

I plan to take this trip next year, around May for my 25th birthday. So planning and saving for this, has to start NOW! Because I want to relax and spend my 25th birthday soaking in the sun with a cocktail in hand and hoping I get to see more of the world while traveling on a budget.

This post was done in collaboration withΒ travelstart.

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  1. This is so helpful for people like me who are living on a budget 😊! I’ve always wanted to travel but the thought of ticket prices would normally demotivate me. Thank you so much for this Tori πŸ’–

    1. Sis, I know what you mean.😫 But Travelstart has the cheapest prices so far from what I have seen. So def use them the next time you want to go traveling!πŸ’›

      It’s my pleasure babe. Thank you for taking the time to read my post!😘

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