Review: Clearskin Professional by Avon

Hello beautiful,

I bring to you, my first review on a beauty product. I have never reviewed anything on the beauty side-of-things. I have only ever reviewed a fashion item which you can read if you want. I’ll leave the link at the end of this post.

Let me get on with this review.


The products I have chosen to review are the Clearskin Professional by Avon. 

I was browsing through the Avon catalog when I saw these products and thought to myself “Maybe I should try a different product for my skin and just to test Avon products to see if they lived up to the hype.” So I ordered them and they arrived.

The price of the products all together, I think were R184.00. I think they were on sale, I cannot remember, to be honest. I will list what the products help with and are supposed to do for your skn.

*Side note: I did use these products till I couldn’t get anything out of them anymore.*

The Products: 

White Clay Cleanser, Scrub & Mask 5-in-1

  • unclogs pores
  • controls oil & shine
  • removes impurities
  • improves texture
  • exfoliates

What I found after using it for about two and a half weeks is that my skin was breaking out more than it did when I was using Neutrogena products. My nose and area just under my eyes were clogged with blackheads and white heads after using this. I figured that the breakouts were going to eventually go away, but they got worse. Not to mention, my skin was oily and so shiny. It looked like I rubbed Vaseline all over my face. It did not control oil and shine at all.

White Clay Toning Treatment 5-in-1

  • minimises pores
  • controls oil & shine
  • removes impurities
  • mattifies skin
  • balances skin

Every day after using this, it left my skin feeling so rough and tight, my pores were huge and still, the oil and shine was in full force. I was literally shining bright like a diamond. I tried using less of this on my face like a smaller amount, but the roughness and tightness did not seem to go away. My pores didn’t seem to close. They stayed open, hence the breakouts.

Complete Treatment Pads 5-in-1

  • cleans & refreshes + controls oil
  • evens discoloration
  • tones skin + exfoliates 

I used these little pad thingies every morning and evening like they say to do. After wiping my face-my face looked and felt more dirty than it was. It didn’t make me feel refreshed, all it made me feel was, unimpressed. My forehead is a shade darker than the rest of my face, and after using this, it seemed to have darkened it more than it should have lightened the discoloration. 

Green Tea Overnight Treatment 5-in-1

  • reduces redness
  • evens tone
  • prevents breakouts
  • soothes skin
  • hydrates

After using this it made my face smell like smelly feet. I did not know why or how a product could do this, but it did. First of all, my face was smelling like a foot, secondly, my face felt rough and tight, thirdly, It did not hydrate my face at all. It made me look like I just came back from the gym all sweaty. You know that texture and look your skin has after sweating? Yeah it was like that. 
Upon arrival, I really loved the packaging, the white box and the simplicity of the products really impressed me. Until I started using them. I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be with what they say these products do for your face. The scent of the products smelt fresh, but they didn’t make my face feel fresh. All they did was, make my face smell like feet, breakout more than I ever do, and made me feel like, R184.00 was a waste of money. 

I will never purchase anything from Avon again. Besides their perfumes. I am not saying the company is selling products that don’t give the results. But from what I have experienced using these four products. It makes me question what they are selling to their customers. Claiming products work when they do not. But that is just me and what I’ve experienced.

This is my first review on beauty products, and I would like to get feedback from you. Can I improve, are there any things I have left out of the review? Please leave your thoughts in the comments. 

Also, if you have had any products from Avon that you have used and not seen results, let me know, so I know I’m not the only person who has had a bad experience. 

My first EVER review post.

Stay beautiful
Love always,

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  1. Basically Avon products don’t work for anyone 😅💔. What happened to you is exactly what happened to me last year. I think for these products to actually start working, we have to use them for like 6 months but honestly I ain’t got no time for that. I always want things that work overnight 💔😂

    1. And yet here I am and I bought their products. I went against my better judgement, knowing they wouldn’t work.🤦🏻‍♀️😂 No, I can’t keep buying stuff and have them work after 6 months! I expect to see results like in a week or so, just like their catalog states when things start to show results!
      Lesson learned, I will not buy from them again. Complete and utter waste of money! 🤦🏻‍♀️
      Thank you for reading and commenting babes! It means a lot to me!😘

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