A Review: The 35cm Clemence Leather Hermès Birkin

Hey beautiful,

Well, this is my first EVER review on ANYTHING! This review may not be the best review, but it will be a review nonetheless.

(Just a warning, you will read the word ‘Hermès’ and ‘Birkin’ a lot haha.)

As some of you know, I have a BIG obsession with handbags. I have three designer handbags in my collection so far; Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Louis Vuitton Artsy, and Prada Double Bag. As of recent, I have had the pleasure of purchasing the Hermès Birkin 35cm in Black. The Birkin is considered one of the most iconic bags of all time. This is one of my absolute favorite bags in my collection.

I have had my eye on this bag, since I watched Sex and the City 2. Where Samantha’s ostrich skin Orange Birkin broke, and all her condoms fell out of it. I have been in love with it, ever since! When I received my bag, I opened the box and almost cried. It is that beautiful. I was also scared to use it, touch it or even take it out of its box. I did not want to use it. I wanted to frame it and keep it safe. Now I am not scared to use it, I adore it and I use it often. 


You either love the aesthetic of the Birkin or you don’t. Some people have different views of it, but I absolutely adore it. The design is extremely iconic, any one in fashion can spot a Birkin from a mile away. The boxy shape, double handles, the gold hardware, and the leather pull closures are what makes this bag. I am a true lover of the bag. The aesthetics drew me in.


The functionality of this bag is not that great. When you close the bag up properly it would take you a few minutes to get in and out of it every time you need something. When you do not close the bag properly, you leave the contents of the bag easy for everyone to see and maybe take out. It is meant to carry a bunch of things, but isn’t designed for ultimate usability.

There is no additional outside storage on the bag. All it has is the double pull closures that scrunch the bag and then close it via the clasp. I have not seen anyone who owns a Birkin, use the pull handles. They always leave them undone.

The inside has 2 small pouch pockets. One with a zipper and one without. The one without the zipper, is so slim that not much can fit inside. The one with the zipper can fit a few items inside of it. I keep my iPhone, mints, and twisp in it. Other than that, the 35cm is great for everyday use because of it’s size and ability to carry tons.


The Birkin gets a 5/5. My bag is a few weeks old, so I thought the leather would not smell so new anymore. It still smells brand new. It’s weird, but every time I change bags I get excited. Hermès is known for craftmanship and the work done on the bag is incredible. Every single stitch placed with care and the material is high quality.


The Birkin is not trendy, it is timeless. Extremely timeless. This is the bag that some may dream of owning and while people can easily recognize it, it is still equally as iconic. Year after year, this bag will not go out of style. And that gives it the major 5/5 in my opinion.


The Hermès Birkin scores high in my opinion. After the few weeks of carrying this iconic piece of art, I have learned to love to wear this bag and it keeps getting better with time. The truth is, it is not only one of my favorite bags, but it is absolutely stunning.

There you have it lovely. My review on the Hermès Birkin. I adore this bag and it will forever be one of my favorites out of my collection. I hope this review has helped you when it comes to deciding whether this bag is worth it, but let me tell you; it is! 

If you would like me to write any other reviews on any of my other designer handbags. Let me know in the comments, email or any of my social media. 

Stay beautiful
Love always,

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    1. It really is so beautiful! I can’t get over the way it goes with every single outfit. 🙌🏼 It’s thee most iconic bag I have ever owned and it will forever be one of my favorites!
      Thank you for commenting lovely!💛

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